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Watermelon Sorbet

(if you have not heard the song Bass Down Low look it up before reading this)

—If you wana eat with me, there are some things you gotta know..

I like my ice cream tasty while keepin’ the calories lowwwww

Okay. I should probably NEVER sing/share that ‘song’ out loud but I WILL share the recipe for this super healthy, super low calorie, and super tasty sorbet!

That’s THREE supers!

So here it is. Ready?

this is really easy to make all you need is:

2 cups Watermelon (press it down when you measure it)

1/4 cup Non-Dairy Milk (of course I chose almond)

Freeze the watermelon for several hours then in a blender or food processor mix with the milk. That’s it. And since it is so low calories, pull off a ‘me’ and eat the whole batch yourself.


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